Dictionary Learning

Dictionary Learning

Check the dictionary to understand the meaning of sentences. Especially unknown words. Every word is a concept. Piece together several basic concepts for a complete idea.

If you can’t read fast, most likely it is because you do not understand the words. You don’t have enough vocabulary in your mind. Not understanding the words, will stop your comprehension.

A common mistake is going for a speed reading class and trying to zoom through all the text but learning nothing in the end. The problem is… not having enough vocabulary — deep understanding of the meanings of words.

You need to study the dictionary often to understand the meanings of all these words you come across and to memorise all the words you need to accurately express your deep thoughts. Keep doing this dictionary learning and later, when you read, you can go faster because you have high comprehension of words.

Lance Ong
Lancism.sg: Wisdom For The Singaporean

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